Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vegetable gardening in winter

You have a green thumb and you find pleasure in getting yourself down and dirty in your garden of plants. You enjoy this not only for leisure but in knowing that you feel a sense of accomplishment when you see your plants starting to flower and flourish. But then you feel that winter is coming and you don’t relish the thought of not being able to see some greens let at least be able to do the one thing you really love to do. Now, don’t fret for it doesn’t mean that just because winter will be fast approaching soon you can’t do some gardening.

You can actually still put your green thumb at work, this time by doing your gardening indoors.

It is such a delight to have plants indoors during the winter season. It gives us a chance to look forward to spring when the flowers start to bloom in vibrant colors once again. Be aware though that there are really certain plants that won’t last long so it is best that you give your focus on plants that will withstand during the winter months. When you buy an indoor plant find out as much as you can about it like how much sunlight it needs and on whether or not it doesn’t require that much watering during the cold months. It is important that you don’t over water your plants during the winter. Most plants during this time are in a resting period so even if they look dry or brown on the outside don’t water them too much cause you don’t want your plant’s leaves to be falling off.

Your plants still need some sunlight. Position them in your house in such a manner where they will get enough sunlight. If your plant requires a lot of sunlight place them near the window where it will get much of the winter sun.

You cannot avoid the fact that you may find some insects or bugs on your indoor plants. Ensure that you find out first how to get rid of these before buying any sort of chemicals in order that your plants will be properly cared for.

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